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Quality Eyeglasses & Sunglasses Online – Kounopt

Choosing an online eyeglass retailer that fits your pricing and selection needs can be tricky. While low-price retailers often provide limited selections, more expansive stores tend to have bigger price tags. But what if you didn’t have to choose between selection and affordability? With Kounopt, you get both.


The Kounopt Experience

Kounopt is a no-frills, highly specialized optical business with over three decades of experience in the eyewear industry. We’ve been selling eyeglasses since 1986 at our physical store locations and expanded into the online retail world just before the new millennium. With this much experience in the business, we know how to keep our customer’s happy and have already helped thousands find the eyewear of their dreams.

All our prescription lenses are manufactured in-house using American and European materials with the latest hi-tech machinery. We make no imitations, promising that you get what you pay for. This also goes for the eyeglasses frames we provide.

We treat each customer the same with a highly precise result. We employ a full staff of qualified Optometrists and Opticians to answer your questions and even assist you with placing your order should you need help.

Going online for your prescription glasses today is very easy, practical and cost-effective. Place your order today and leave the rest to us.


The Kounopt Online Eyewear Selection

Our selection of eyewear at Kounopt is extensive. We provide a vast selection of eyeglasses that includes full frame eyewear, semi-rimless frames and even rimless glasses for men, women and kids. We also provide several fashion and designer brands, including Silhouette, Serengeti, Guess and Bvlgari eyewear. Whether you’re in the market for designer eyewear or discount glasses, our work is precise.

We manufacture and stock lenses for premium quality eyeglasses from over 30 brands like Silhouette, Oakley, Gucci, etc. All of these glasses and frames are selected carefully from among the best designs for our customers. We understand that practicality and usability are equally important and ensure that the frames are durable and engineered from the best materials. We guarantee every pair in our collection will bring long-lasting results that are worth your money. The frames offered to our clients both online and at our physical stores for many years have turned out to be sturdy and durable as well as stylish.

We also focus on suiting lifestyles, which is why we are so careful about choosing safe frame options. Many of our sunglasses, eyeglasses and lenses have UV protection and tints to ensure maximum vision without distortion from glare. Our frames are also tested for durability and grip, so you can avoid losing or breaking your frames. Both of these factors are especially important in our kid’s lines of eyewear, but are things we consider for adult frames as well.

We continuously add new frames and lenses expanding the scope of quality and style in eyewear. It is our foremost priority to help you purchase new glasses online while making the entire process very simple, practical and cost effective.


Kounopt and Silhouette Eyewear

One of the most popular brands in our online collection is the Silhouette line of eyewear. Silhouette, hailing from Austria, is a high-quality line of minimalistic glasses chosen for their incredibly high-quality thin frames. Durable yet strong, these titanium lenses have been popular among people of all walks of life — even astronauts!

Be sure to check out the Silhouette Glasses we carefully select for our patients. We take into account the durability of the frames, the UV protection provided and the quality of the lenses, thereby providing maximum vision without distortion. And with highly competitive pricing, besides.

We’ll be adding frames and lenses as they become available including Silhouette Eyeglasses on an ongoing basis. Email us if there is something you like but do not see it on the website and we will see how we can obtain it for you, if at all possible.


The Kounopt Difference

Kounopt is a reputed name in the optical and eyewear business. We have successfully served our clients for almost three decades through our retail store and we guarantee the same level of quality and expertise online. We understand our customers’ needs and work diligently to deliver the highest level of precision and quality.

Also, all of our prescription glasses are manufactured in-house using high-quality materials and the latest high-tech machinery. The same holds true for our eyeglasses frames and, in particular, for precision in prescription eyewear.


Order Prescription Sunglasses Online

We also offer our customers prescription sunglasses with frames and lenses that stand up to the most stringent tests. These glasses are suitable for reading and long distance vision correction. They are always in great demand. In addition to regular standard plastic lenses, we also provide thin and extra-thin eyeglasses in both clear and transition materials. This includes a series of anti-scratch, UV-resistant, anti-reflective, blue-light filters, tinted, and mirror coatings. You may sometimes have specific requirements for prescription sunglasses, and we seek to provide the solution with our fine collection of prescription eyeglasses.

Customer satisfaction largely comes from great designs and value for money products. This is why we offer an extensive range of sales and after sale services. Our price match guarantee and free shipping help ensure you get your frames for the best price possible to fit your budget, and we offer several sales throughout the year to make your frames even more affordable.

What’s more, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase, you simply need to send in your frames to get your money back. See our Terms and Conditions for details. We also offer repair and replacement services for your current pair of Kounopt frames so you can make your favorite eyeglasses last longer than ever. We also know you need your glasses as quickly as possible, which is why we ship your eyeglasses, no matter the lenses you need, within 36 hours of order. Most orders ship within 24 hours.

Choose an eyeglass retailer who is dedicated to your satisfaction — choose Kounopt today and get started choosing your next pair of quality eyeglasses or sunglasses.