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About us

Jim Kounnas, Optometrist and the founder of the business more than 30 years ago, has grown the business to include the absolute latest in technology with the use of multi million dollar hi tech equipment for the purpose of manufacturing digital progressives in the free form format giving the widest fields of view and thereby ensuring the most comfortable lenses.

Our services have grown over the years to include not only the manufacture of lenses but also dispensing, repairs , refits of new lenses into existing frames something rarely done by other Optical Companies. We also pride ourselves in providing high quality anti-scratch spin coating and anti-glare coatings which includes the famous Ten Layer Super Hydrophobic Top Coat, including all tint colors and mirror coatings using US products.

In 2001 JIM KOUNNAS OPTOMETRISTS & OPTICIANS INC. was incorporated in Delaware and further expansion was now necessary to include 25 highly qualified technicians and dispensing Opticians and further support staff.

We look forward to fulfilling our plans soon with expanding into new premises and providing some revolutionary products in order to provide even better vision for our patients and customers.