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Baby’s Reaction to New Eyeglasses!

This video clip shows that babies can definitely benefit from having their eyes examined very early. The clip shows the reaction of the baby as soon as her mother puts on the eyeglasses.

  • Don’t assume babies can see! Please have your children examined early. 

Incredible reaction by a baby girl being able to see through her new eyeglasses has captured the hearts of millions online with currently 43 million views in you tube.

Ohio mom Jessica Sinclair posted video of her daughter, Piper, at ten months old,seeing clearly for the first time — and the result will melt your heart.

Piper’s reaction cannot be be missed. The baby clearly demonstrates that the eyeglasses clear her view. It is very important to have babies examined as early as possible.

Why getting children examined early is a must!

Human eyes continue to develop after birth even up to five years of age. A lot of lazy eyes can be avoided by detecting optical and other visual problems early on rather than waiting until children go to school which actually makes it too late in many cases.

It’s like setting it in cement.

Once the retina develops in a particular way – that’s it! It’s like having it set in cement – it can’t change.

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