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Best Glasses for Each Face Shape

Best Glasses For Each Face Shape

Anyone who wears glasses knows that choosing the right pair can be anything but simple. For some, a new pair of frames offers an opportunity to freshen up their look, reinvent their style or simply polish their already honed appearance. Unfortunately, the frame game can be a stressful experience for many others.

In fact, one-third of customers feel that shopping for new frames can be a frustrating ordeal. Who can blame them? After all, you’re not just picking out a jacket or blouse that you can stop wearing if you discover you’re not in love with how it looks or fits your body.

The following are three stressors that can make choosing frames a nightmare:

  1. Time: On average, Americans spend nearly nine hours of their day sleeping, three and a half hours commuting to work and five hours engaging in activities like socializing or exercising. Add in household chores, errands and school or career responsibilities, and it’s easy to see how squeezing in a few hours to try on eyeglass frames at an optician’s office is hard to accomplish. No one wants to be pressured into a decision, but hardly anyone can devote the bulk of their day to selecting eyewear.
  2. Option overload: Sometimes, having too many options is not a good thing. Studies have found that an overload of options may actually paralyze people and keep them from making a decision. It could also force them into choosing an option that’s against their own best interests.
  3. The “what-ifs”:Glasses are functional and fashionable, but did you know that your choice of eyewear can have a psychological effect on others? Eyewear sends subtle messages to those we interact with. Everything from the body language we communicate with glasses to the specific patterns, colors and shapes of the frames can influence how a person feels around and about us. They can even impact self-perception. Questions like What if my glasses send the wrong message? or What if they make me look unattractive? are added pressures most prefer to do without.

It’s no wonder customers can feel overwhelmed when choosing frames. Thankfully, there’s one easy way to help eliminate options, alleviate stress and lessen the time spent selecting a new pair of frames: knowing your face shape.

Why Knowing Your Face Shape Is Essential

Have you ever noticed that certain hairstyles, accessories and makeup techniques can completely change a person’s appearance for the better or worse? Eyewear can have the same effect. You’ll want to pick out glasses that are comfortable and complement your features. While color and size matter, finding the right fit for your glasses begins with knowing the shape of your face. Hairstyles and facial hair can be changed, but the key to determining which type of frames will best fit your face can be found in your bone structure.

Finding The Right Fit For Your Face Shape

Most will agree that there are four basic face shapes: round, oval, square and heart. Others may suggest that there are actually seven different types. Scientists in Australia have even claimed that there are nine different face shapes. It’s not uncommon to hear face shapes referred to by any the following names:

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Square
  • Diamond
  • Heart
  • Teardrop
  • Oblong
  • Kite
  • Rectangle
  • Heptagon
  • Pear
  • Triangle

With so many options that have varying definitions, it could be difficult to determine which shape you have.

How to Determine Your Face Shape in Five Steps

You don’t need to visit a professional to determine which face shape you have. If you’ve got five minutes and the right tools, you can quickly assess your face shape from the comfort of your own home with these five easy steps:

  1. Gather your tools: You can easily measure your face on your own with a few handy tools lying around the house. First, grab a flexible tape measure, similar to one a tailor would use. Using a traditional construction tape measure will be difficult and potentially harmful. Next, fetch a piece of paper and a pencil so that you can track your measurements. Bring all three tools to a well-lit room with a mirror, and start measuring.
  2. Measure your forehead: Align the tape measure across the widest part of your forehead, which for most people is midway between their eyebrows and hairline.
  3. Measure your cheekbones: You’ll want to place the tape measure across your face just below the outer corners of each eye. Take your time, and be careful not to injure or irritate your eyes.
  4. Move down to measure the jawline: Find your jawline by placing the tape measure at the tip of your chin and extending it to the place where your jaw begins to angle just below the ear. Since you need to determine the size of your entire jawline, multiply this measurement by two.
  5. Measure your face length: You’ll place the tape measure at the center of your hairline and extend it down to the tip of your chin.

With all four measurements recorded on your paper, you can now discover which face shape you have. We’ve chosen to review six of the face shapes: square, round, oval, heart, diamond and oblong. Though some of these shapes may share the qualities of another, we believe that the measurements and specific prominent features of each shape drastically influence what type of eyeglass frames look best on that individual face.

To help you look your best in both prescription eyewear and sunglasses, the frame experts at Kounopt have identified which frames enhance each face shape the best.

The Square-Shaped Face

Square-shaped faces have strong, bold features with relatively equal measurements for length and width. The forehead and jawline are usually broad and have a similar width in appearance. The widest point of the face is found at the cheekbones, which highlight the straightness of the side of the face.

Best Frames for a Square-Shaped Face: Round or Oval

A square face is a bold face. Your frames should divert attention away from the well-defined outline of your face. Avoid many frames that are square or other geometric shapes, as well as light-colored frames. You can minimize angles and contrast your strong facial features with round or oval frames that are dark or bold-colored.

Kounopt Recommends

  • Silhouette: Silhouette has an extensive selection of eyewear that rests comfortably on the face. Bold yet minimalistic, the Urban Lite 2904 Full-Rim Eyeglasses have oval-shaped lenses that are instantly recognizable. The traditional black, burgundy and dark blue color options will give anyone wearing these lightweight glasses a daring look. For a more stylish appearance, try the elegant SPX Illusion Full-Rim frames. Available in fun colors like Havanna mahogany, yellow, brown, black, marble and honey, these trendy frames are perfect for women who want to make a fashion statement.
  • Calvin Klein: Calvin Klein can take your corrective lenses and display them in a work of art. Their CK5728 unisex black frames reflect a modern design that will never go out of style. Sensual, sophisticated and stunningly sleek, the architectural detailing of these complex eyeglasses adorns their owners with the prestige that can only come from the Calvin Klein brand.
  • Serengeti: For sunglasses, we recommend Serengeti Eyewear for men and women. Serengeti Agazzi frames are durable enough for a gentleman on the go. The photochromatic lenses adjust to varying light conditions so that you can see clearly from dawn to dusk. Women will love the crystal dark brown, crystal dark grey or shiny dark tortoise color options for the Serengeti Giustina frames. These tough but light frames offer maximum protection from harmful UV rays and present you with a clear vision experience in any weather.

The Round-Shaped Face

Round faces show off symmetry in all its beauty. A circle-like shape is created from the matching width and length measurements. Those with round faces have round jawlines and chins that do not feature hard lines or angles. The wide forehead is also round around the hairline, and the cheekbones will be the widest part of the face. Round faces can also make a person appear younger than they are.

Round Or Oval Face Shape Glasses & Frames

Best Frames for a Round-Shaped Face: Square or Angular Frames

Full cheeks and a rounded chin will not benefit from round glasses or short and small frames. Instead, provide contrast to the face with a pair of frames that display lines and angles. Dimension can also be added by choosing cat-eye or retro square frames.

Kounopt Recommends

  • Tag Heuer: The Tag Heuer TH-0843 is a rimless unisex frame that is ergonomically engineered with high-quality material for a feel and design like no other. A prestigious brand trusted around the world, Tag Heuer continues to deliver exceptional products with the matte black TH-0843. To add a little color to your style, look to the Tag Heuer TH-3111. Another rimless unisex frame, the TH-3111 is available in a Havana or blue color.

Tag Heuer Glasses And Frame Products

The Oval-Shaped Face

An oval is considered a versatile shape for the face because the balanced proportions can adopt a number of hairstyles, makeup techniques and, yes, even eyewear. Similar to the round-shaped face, the shape of an oval face is widest at the cheekbones. The forehead is also larger than the jawline, which has a slight roundness to it.

Best Frames for an Oval-Shaped Face: Any Style

The beauty of an oval face is that any style of frames can help create a dynamic appearance. Add a little intrigue to your face with a pair of cat-eye frames. Keep it simple with square frames, or smooth out your features with a pair of rounded-edge frames. Pop on a pair of Aviators or Wayfarers for fun in the sun. Whichever you choose, you’ll be pleased with who you see in the mirror.

Oval Face Glasses & Frames

Kounopt Recommends

  • Any of our fine brands: Where to begin? With a selection of thirty-three fantastic brands, your options are limitless.
  • Prada: Ladies know that Prada handbags make a powerful statement. Their frames are no different, with each set of eyeglasses capturing the fashion and finesse that has made Prada a global icon. Be dressed to impress by slipping on a pair of black PR 21RV frames decorated with studs. Try on the Havana-colored OPR 08TV to add a touch of taste to your style. Embrace the elegance of the simple black VPR 17RVs that will continue to transcend the trends of today. Whichever you choose, Prada will not disappoint.

Giorgio Armani Stylish Frames For Oval Faces

  • Giorgio Armani: A gentleman that appreciates iconic style is sure to love Giorgio Armani eyewear. The suave matte grey finish on the AR7006 is only rivaled by the classic black AR5022 metal supra frames. Men and women can enjoy Armani’s signature style with full and semi-frame options like the soft brown AR7024 or the colorful tortoise AR7026. Giorgio Armani has a stylish answer for every oval face.
  • Diesel: If you’re looking for a slick pair of sunglasses, there’s nothing cooler than a pair of Diesel frames. Their high-quality frames house two hi-tech lenses that offer 100 percent protection from harmful UV rays. Made for the man who lives a fun and exciting lifestyle, these frames are sure to make you look epic on every adventure.

Diesel Sunglasses & Frames

The Heart-Shaped Face

With a larger upper portion of the face curving down into a pointed chin, the heart-shaped face can be pictured similar to an upside-down triangle. The telltale signs of a heart-shaped face are found in the measurements: the chin measurements are significantly smaller than the measurements of the wider cheekbones and include a forehead that is shaped at the widow’s peak.

Best Frames for a Heart-Shaped Face: Rectangle, Retro Square or Cat-Eye

Balance your pointed chin with wide, upswept frame styles. Your goal should be to minimize the width of your forehead and broaden your chin. The pointed ends of square, rectangular and cat-eye frames will appear wider than your forehead, becoming the prominent feature. Though heart-shaped faces can look amazing in these three styles, be particular about the pattern and frame choices. Light-colored frames and floral or tortoise designs will look best.

Kounopt Recommends

  • Ray-Ban: Traditional or contemporary, Ray-Ban glasses are perfect for every style. Their frames are instantly recognizable and have a known history of being nearly indestructible. This brand is one that you will never regret purchasing. Case in point: the RX5228 Timeless Unisex Full Frame glasses. These frames are available in an array of dramatic colors, including shiny black and brown tortoise.
  • Silhouette: Silhouette frames elegantly blend with the features of your face, lending a soft brush of style. With some of the most lightweight and durable frames on the market, Silhouette is one of the top eyewear brands in the world. Try on a pair from the TMA Must Collection, and you’ll instantly see why these frames are among our best-selling options. Available in a pastel pink that looks as delicate as the frames feel, the TMA Must Collection is certainly a must-have for those who desire a lightweight set of frames with a guaranteed perfect grip.
  • Salvatore Ferragamo: Step out into the sun with a little Hollywood shade. Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses are frequently showcased on the silver screen, beautifying characters from all walks of life with their exceptional designs. Show off your heart-shaped face with a pair of fashionable dark green SF603S 300s, and step into the spotlight wherever you go.

The Diamond-Shaped Face

The characteristics of the radiant diamond-shaped face are similar to a heart-shaped face — particularly the wide cheekbones and pointy chin. However, diamond-shaped faces have a narrow forehead that is the same width as the lower jawline and chin. The entire face is also longer than it is wide.

Best Frames for a Diamond-Shaped Face: Rimless, Oval or Cat-Eye

Just as every diamond is one-of-a-kind, the features of diamond-shaped faces are just as unique. Specifics in your bone structure, like a prominent jawline or cheekbones, can be accentuated with certain frames. Oval glasses will highlight the angles of your face, while cat-eye frames will provide a contrast for those who have softer, rounder diamond shapes. Those who have distinctive lines framing their face should let their natural beauty take center stage and let elegant rimless glasses play a supporting role.

Oval Glasses Highlight Your Face Shape

Kounopt Recommends:

  • Fred: You face shape is precious — let it shine! A pair of high-end Fred glasses is sure to make you stand out. The simplicity of the Fred winch silver frames gives your face an added sparkle. Fred’s selection of remarkable eyewear is constructed from the most premium materials available to give the wearer a high-class product that can endure the rigors of everyday life.
  • Guess: Young, sexy and adventurous, the Guess name is a gem among women’s fashion. For an exclusive look, try on a pair of GU2302. Everyday eyewear has never looked so trendy than with these unique, comfortable frames. Available in a classic black color for men and women, the GU2302 is just one of the many Guess frames that will keep you looking priceless.
  • Silhouette: The rimless SPX Signia glasses by Silhouette will allow the features of your diamond-shaped face to stand out with minimal distraction. The silver and gold touch color add just the right amount of definition to these virtually weightless frames. If you’re looking for an accessory that will complement your natural appearance without overstating your features, the SPX Signia can elegantly embellish your face.

The Oblong-Shaped Face

The oblong-shaped face is a rectangular face because of its very long and narrow bone structure. Other features include straight cheek lines along the side of the face, a pointed chin and a tall or wide forehead that may be rounded at the hairline.

Best Frames for an Oblong-Shaped Face: Rectangular

With the widest part of your face at the forehead, wearing frames that seem wider than your cheekbones is a great way to balance a longer face. The illusion of width will be created from the imaginary line the frames draw from ear to ear.

Oblong Shaped Face Frames & Glasses

Kounopt Recommends

  • Cartier: One of the most prestigious jewelers in the world continues their history of fine craftsmanship with Cartier eyewear. Featuring gold plating and precious metals, their C Decor frames showcase the patience, skill and value inherent in every Cartier product. Those who know the Cartier brand will not be disappointed with these rimless unisex frames that display class at its finest. Those who have never experienced a Cartier creation will fall in love the moment they peer through the crystal clear lenses.
  • Versace: Versace’s detail is unmistakable. One look at the glamorous LB0045 frames will leave you captivated. These superior frames are available in two fashionable colors: black and blue black. Sophisticated and elegant, the hard work put into every piece is apparent in its detailed design. Choose Versace to stay fashion forward on every occasion.
  • Bollé: Leave the past behind with the ultra-modern eyewear designs from Bollé. Dive into any scene with a pair of Bollé Meltdown sunglasses that are as safe as they are stylish. Wherever your day takes you, Bollé makes sure you’ll always look great along the way.

Silhouette: Glasses that Work for All Face Shapes

Though our suggestions were particular to each face shape, all of our brands offer a variety of styles that cater to faces of all shapes. One of our most popular is Silhouette’s collection of more than 150 frames and prescription glasses.

Since the 1960s, Silhouette Eyeglasses has designed classic and innovative eyewear that weighs as little as 1.8 grams. Their passion for creating the most beautiful eyewear in the world has led to the development of frames that are as unique as the personality that wears them. With varieties from Aviator and oval to cat-eye and rectangular, Silhouette has a solution to frame every face. Shop our diverse inventory of men’s and women’s Silhouette eyewear, and let Kounopt help you find the frames that are shaped to your style.

Let Kounopt Find the Right Frames for Your Face

We understand that picking out new eyewear can be intimidating. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and pressured to make a decision that you’ll have to live with for years. If it’s time for you to order new frames for your glasses, let the experts at Kounopt show you a stress-free experience.

We’ll help you determine your face shape and match you with a wide selection of eyewear that will complement your unique features and style. After we find the perfect pair for you, we’ll ship them to you for free. We guarantee that you’ll love your new frames, or we’ll give you a 100 percent refund, no questions asked! Why settle for a stressful shopping experience? At Kounopt, the perfect frames for your face are only a click away.


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