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Bolle Barracuda Sunglasses

The Future Looks Brighter With Bolle Barracuda Sunglasses

What are Bolle Sunglasses Barracuda?

Bolle is a company manufacturing a wide range of sports eyewear that’s has its roots in Oyonnax, France. It was started in 1888 by Seraphin Bolle, and his son, an their main wish was to follow their passion as they utilized great innovation, good old hard work and self-sufficiency to create the company that would later be known as Bolle. The company has become popular for its ability to create eyewear with a mix of cutting-edge technology and pure intuition.

The company was recently acquired by ATK sporting group in 2013, and this cast it further into the limelight with other companies that are famous among sport hunters, shooting enthusiasts, the military, homeland security and law enforcement agencies.

The Bolle Barracuda sunglasses, one of the companies’ greatest inventions, are suited for both general-purpose wear and adventurous tasks. Their anti-glare polarized lenses help eliminate water or road surface glares and offer the user a crystal clear vision making them best suited for sunny conditions.

The sports sunglasses, which are cautiously made have a prescription range of – 3.00 and + 4.00 SPH to 4.00 CYL when ordered online or bought over the counter. Higher prescriptions are available with consultations from doctors.

Features of Bolle Sunglasses Barracuda

The sunglasses have highly sophisticated metal frames as well as progressive wrap-around frames that give the wearer a distinct look. They also feature a set of thermo-grip rubber temples and nose pads that are equipped with moisture absorption properties which always provide the user’s eyes with a solid, soft adhesion.

The Barracuda line of sunglasses from Bolle is also made with the finest grade of nylon, making the sunglasses strong, flexible and lightweight. All Bolle lenses meet and exceed the requirements set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for UV protection, impact-resistance and optical clarity.

The lenses of the sunglass are crafted from B20.3 polycarbonate. It possesses a higher level of impact protection without compromising on the overall optical quality. The lenses are also made tougher through the use of a double carbon-glass coating that offers protection from scratching.

Bolle Sunglasses Barracuda Utilities

These sunglasses come with a wide array of purchasable utilities among them being: a sports eyewear holder, an anti-fog treatment system and spray kit, and a rugged line retainer. With all the powerful features of the Barracuda sunglasses and the added benefits of a periodic warranty, the Bolle Barracuda sunglasses promise customers style and complete UV protection.

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