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Choosing frames for eyeglasses

Choosing frames for eyeglasses

Now, for the first time in your life you find that you need glasses, or maybe you want to update the frames surrounding your current lenses and you need some help choosing frames for eyeglasses.

The first thing you need to do is decide on the shape of your face: Heart, Diamond, Square, Round or Oval. This is something that many of us have not given much thought to. We look in the mirror, and few of us can be heard muttering “Well now I am putting the eyeliner around my eyes set in my diamond-shaped face.” Or, “Now I am shaving my oblong face with a square jaw.”

That is, unless of course, for the first time you need to start thinking about choosing frames for eyeglasses. Then a slight panic sets in. “How will I look?” This is where you have a lot of choice, there are many frames to choose from to suit any face shape and the frames come in a variety of colours.

Some tips about choosing frames for eyeglasses

After you have decided on the shape of your face you are now ready to indulge in choosing frames for eyeglasses.

Now is the moment to decide on how much you would like to spend. Sometimes you may decide to splurge a little beyond budget because designer frames look better on your face, or you may be in a job where you meet a lot of people. Those of us who need our glasses to look at a computer screen may decide that they don’t need to look terrific, and so functional frames at a low cost will be the choice of the day. Remember, a wide selection of frames for eyeglasses are available to suit all budgets and fashion or personal needs.

< h3> More details on selecting frames for eyeglasses

Now you know the shape of your face and the type of look you want to achieve. Some advise that the colour of the frames should compliment your eyes, such as green frames for green eyes.

As a reminder, oval frames for square jaws. Longer faces can support larger frames, and rectangular frames for a round face.

Something else that should not be overlooked is your skin tone. Would you describe your skin tone as bluish, greenish, yellowish or peaches and cream? Here we are referring to the underlying tone of the skin, which is like a background melody to the actual skin colour. The advice given here is to choose eyeglass frames that match your skin tone, unless of course you are a graphic designer who may be attracted first to the bright colours of the frames and decide to go for high-energy impact.

Don’t forget that if you have any doubts you can always ask for help choosing your frames for eyeglasses. But, most of all, in the end it is up to you, how you look, how you feel so have fun choosing your eyeglass frames!

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