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Chopard Eyeglasses

A Tradition of Excellence – Chopard Eyeglasses

Chopard eyeglasses are one of the most well-known brands of eyeglasses in the world. They sell everything from sunglasses to designer prescription eyewear. This company has grown up around a tradition of excellence from its humble beginnings in France.

Chopard Eyeglasses – A Brief History

• The company was formed in 1860 under Louis-Ulysse Chopard.
• It expanded in 1921 under Louis-Ulysse’s son, with the opening of its headquarters in La Chaux-de-Fonds.
• The firm moved to Geneva in 1932.
• The sons of the Chopard family decided not to take over the family business come the 1960s.
• The Scheufele Family took over the company and growth exploded.
Today, little has changed about Chopard. Its heritage dating all the way back to 1860 is still apparent in both the design and how the company is run.

Sunglasses, Eyewear, and Chopard under Scheufele

Karl Scheufele was a descendent of the magnificent dynasty of jewellers from Pforzheim in Germany. He was responsible for turning the company’s fortunes around after Paul Andre Chopard had no choice but to bring in outside help. His sons refused to take over the company. In hindsight, it meant the difference between Chopard achieving success locally with its eyewear and becoming a globally recognised brand.

What to Expect from the Chopard Brand of Sunglasses and Eyewear

Many people think they’ve heard this story before. An outsider takes over a family business and transforms it into a corporate behemoth with nothing of the original owners remaining. Chopard has taken care to avoid this.
Both the Chopard and Scheufele families are still active at the highest echelons of the company. From every pair of Chopard eyeglasses, you’ll find the quality in every pair. This is why they cater to the highest level of clientele in France and beyond.

You’ll also find creativity in every new pair of glasses they produce. It’s what turned them around in the first place. They understood tradition doesn’t have to mean staying in the past. Using the most innovative designs, they have created eyeglasses that match and exceed any and all competitors.

The Chopard brand takes pride in cultivating relationships with its clients. To this day they’re proud to meet the needs of their clients. They’re able to take a pair of glasses and custom make them according to each individual for a better fit.

Try Chopard eyewear today and transform your look!

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