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Defining Our Eyeglasses Categories

Defining our Eyeglasses Categories – General Information.

A lot of our customers and patients have been contacting us for information related to which eyeglasses should they buy that would better suit their individual needs taking into account the powers of their prescription, their vocation and their budget.

This is actually a huge subject as there are many possible combinations and I will be gradually adding to this post over the next week or so!

I will give some general guidelines for assistance. Please by all means contact us for further information at any time.

1. Rimless Eyeglasses : These are eyeglasses that have no frame around the edge. The advantages are usually a lighter more comfortable fit and it’s not so noticeable when wearing them. Also there is less obstruction at the periphery so it can feel you’re not wearing glasses at all. Rimless eyeglasses usually need a stronger type of material for the lenses, and polycarbonate is highly recommended. For higher prescription lenses, you should always select high index lenses so that they can be made thinner especially if your prescription exceeds +/- 4.00 Spheres. This will ensure a secure fit.

Our premium rimless frames are the Silhouette Eyeglasses and can be viewed at the following link :

Silhouette Glasses

These Silhouette eyeglasses are made of injected titanium resulting in a very strong frame and ultra light.

You can of course search for rimless glasses on the top right hand corner on our website and a large number of frames will show up from different manufacturers.

2. Semi-Rimless Eyeglasses : These are frames that don’t have a frame usually on the bottom side. The lens is held in by creating a fine groove in the center of the lens and securing the lens to the frame using a nylon string.

All types of lenses can be used even glass lenses which cannot be used in rimless glasses. Again there are numerous manufacturers who offer semi-rimless eyeglasses.

3. Full frame Eyeglasses : These frames do not expose the edge of the lenses at all. They are usually considered appropriate for high plus powers because the lens edges can be made into a “V” bevel rather than flat in the case of the rimless or semi rimless glasses.

For high plus lenses make sure you select as small a size as possible and something towards an oval shape so as to minimise thickness of the center of the lenses.

Full frames are also suitable for people who need to take their glasses off throughout the day ( for instance reading glasses) quickly usually throughout the working day since the full frame protects the lenses from getting chipped at the edges.


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