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Eyeglasses online shop

Shop online for eyeglasses

We would like to give you a warm welcome to the launch of our new site, where you can shop online for eyeglasses in the comfort of your home. With a few clicks take a look around and become familiar with our site and the broad selection of frames and lenses for eyeglasses.

Click on the tabs for the drop down menus. There is the tab for the shop where you can conveniently purchase your selected lenses, frames and eyeglasses online. Then, of course, under mens, womens, kids you will find frames and eyeglasses for, well, men, women and children. You will find all the frame sizes, shapes and colours, conveniently displayed with a range of prices to fit any budget from basic frames to authentic designer brands.

We can provide transition lenses, anti-scratch, with many tints and mirror coatings as well as polycarbonate and hi index lenses. In short, we have something for everyone.

Shop online for eyeglasses

Click on the tab for Brands and you will find our selection of authentic designer brands, which will always be updated so as to be always in step with the latest fashion. If you don’t find what you are looking click on the tab for our Contact page and tell us what you want and we will help you find what you need.

Then there is the tab for Specials. Here is where you will find our selection of low-cost quality frames.

Sunglasses have their own tab, because there are so many different types, for active sports or just for looking your best while relaxing in the sun. With their range of shapes and lenses, there are sunglasses for all types of activities, which have been specially crafted for sports, out in the snow, sailing over the waves, out driving or sitting on a beach enjoying the sun.

You will easily find the eyeglasses, lenses and frames that you are looking for when you shop online for eyeglasses.

Easy to shop online for eyeglasses

Buying online is both simple and cost-effective. You can take your time at home selecting the frames you like the best. Know that when you buy from us online you get high quality at competitive prices. All the prescription lenses you buy from us are made in house, using high quality US and European materials and up to the minute machinery. Our qualified staff members were trained in the United Kingdom and Australia, they will give the same precise and careful attention to making your inexpensive or designer brand eyeglasses.

No matter what type of lenses you order, we guarantee that we can ship the finished product within 36 hours of us taking your order, excluding Sundays and public holidays. Do you need more information? Have a question about your lenses or eyeglass frames? Click on the tab Contact Us, ask us your questions about shopping online for eyeglasses and we will be pleased to answer.

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