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Eyeglasses That Can Focus Themselves Are On the Way


Now you can wear eyeglasses with lenses that can automatically adjust their optical power in real time. This technology can be of great help for people with age-related trouble focusing on nearby objects.

Deep Optics, one of the start-up from Israel has come up with lenses with a see-through liquid-crystal layer that can change the way light bends while passing through it using the sensor data about where a wearer’s eyes are trying to focus.

Optical sensors calculate the distance between the eyes and the lenses change their density thereby resulting in a power change. The patient can therefore focus at different distances automatically without having to do anything (photos courtesy Deep Optics)

This is the same technology which is used in smartphone camera lenses, but Deep Optics has made little tweaks to make these lenses better. They claim that these lenses to be larger and optically more powerful. These types of lenses could be of great help for those who have trouble in focusing close up, especially people approaching 40s and older.

The core concept behind this technology is that the glasses works like a normal pair of lenses when focused on the far distance.  But when a person looks at a nearby object, like a book or a computer display, sensors will send data about the distance between your pupils and the object where you’re looking and adjust the focus accordingly.

The good part of these glasses is, that the user doesn’t have to control it. The person just have to look through the glasses as they would with any glasses prior to that.

Kounopt, being of the leading e-tailer of eye glasses and sunglasses makes sure to update its collections on high priority. You can expect these glasses at Kounopt as soon they are readily available by the manufacturer.

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