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Quick Facts about Sunglasses

Quick Facts about Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an essential accessory during summer because they protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. It is likely that you own a pair, but have you ever thought about their origin? Let’s take a look at the history of this must-have summer accessory.

History of Sunglasses

The origin of this protective eyewear is believed to be China in the 12th century. However, their purpose was not to offer protection to the eyes, but help judges to hide their facial expressions. That is, they were seen as a veil that concealed their decision until the right time for disclosure.
It was not until 1430 that Italy introduced dark vision correcting glasses, and later in 1750, James Ayscough purchased the glasses for the public. This was followed by further research that saw him include blue and green tints to correct impairments related to vision. Although eye protection was not a priority at the time, brown and yellow tints were prescribed to those suffering from syphilis, whose common symptom was sensitivity to light.
The popularity of this eyewear was fanned by Sam Foster, who also founded Foster Grant eyewear. Over time, mass production of sunglasses was embraced with most of them being sold along the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Edwin H. Land developed and patented the Polaroid filter introducing the polarized lenses. It is the adoption of high quality sunglasses by the army that led to a wide acceptance of this accessory. There have been many more developments in the process of making them.

Facts on the Range of Sunglasses

There is an extensive range of sunglasses in the market today. Here are some quick facts on this.
• Good quality sunglasses protect the eyes from the effects of UV rays while poor quality glasses expose you to the risk of contracting eye diseases.
• There are fake and real sunglasses in the market.
• Polarized lenses limit visible light as opposed to completely blocking UV rays.
• Sunglasses come in different shapes and sizes that are designed for different audiences.

Why it is Important to get the Right Sunglasses

With so many brands and designs of sunglasses on the market today, many people do not recognize the importance of owning the right pair of this eyewear. Consequently, some people have ended up with macular degeneration for wearing wrong eye protection.

It is important to keep in mind that cheap and poor quality glasses do not offer appropriate protection to the eyes. This is because they do not have the filter. Failure to wear the right sunglasses exposes your eyes to the risk of contracting irreversible eye diseases.

Using inappropriate eyewear without protection causes the retina to enlarge allowing more light because you are fooling the eyes. In effect, this causes more damage than not having the glasses on. If you are a yachtie, wearing an inappropriate pair of glasses can lead to floating dock syndrome that leads to cataract. While this can be corrected at the initial stages, using poor quality glasses for more than six months can lead to irreversible damage. Ultimately, always strive to have appropriate eyewear that is not only polarized, but also offers 100% UV protection.

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