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Gant Eyeglasses – More than Just a Piece of Eyewear

Gant Eyeglasses – More than Just a Piece of Eyewear

Most people know Gant as a clothing company that also sells designer eyeglasses. It would be wrong to say that Gant eyeglasses are a side business for them. On the contrary, they believe in producing only the very best.

The History of Gant Eyeglasses

Gant sunglasses started in 1914 when Bernard Gantmacher migrated from the Ukraine, then part of the Kaiser’s Russian Empire, to New York City. Like many immigrants, he came with nothing, but he immediately enrolled at Columbia University anyway.
He studied to become a pharmacist, but became a clothes maker in the Garment District. It soon became a passion for him and he was known as a skilled shirt maker locally.
It was after that that he started labeling his shirts with ‘G’ so clients knew what they were getting every time.
After working within the Garment District of New York City, which was famous for its mass clothing production, he moved down to Connecticut and continued to produce his famous ‘G’ shirt.
It wasn’t until years later that Gant’s eyewear came into being.

The Growth of Gant Sunglasses

Gant sunglasses grew from a small one-man business to become a large corporation. This has happened throughout the 20th century as more and more investors wanted to get involved.
What did becoming a corporation mean for their eyeglasses?
• It enabled them to move into the industry in the first place.
• They were able to hire highly experienced craftspeople.
• These Eyeglasses went worldwide and Gant became a global name.
Gant has been taken over by multiple names, but the attention to detail and the style hasn’t changed at all. Gantmacher’s original vision still stands true today.

What Can You Expect from Gant’s Eyewear?

You can expect a high-end brand adhering to the latest fashions and styles. It’s not uncommon for Gant to even become the driving force behind the latest designs. That’s why it’s at the highest end of the spectrum. It boasts a range of well-known and wealthy clients who model this brand publicly.
Gant is known for offering the best to their clients. It’s why many of their sunglasses and eyeglasses are custom-made according to the measurements of each individual. That’s a level of service most companies don’t offer.
Gant’s glasses are now spread across the globe. You can find them in many dedicated opticians all over the world, as well as in Gant’s stores.

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