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Why Gucci Eyeglasses Frames Are Considered the Most Durable

Founded in 1921, Gucci started out as a luggage and leather goods company. The fine quality products of the brand soon expanded to include fragrances, handbags, apparel, and eyewear. The name Gucci evokes high fashion, and the eyewear line is no exception. Gucci eyeglasses are now some of the most sought-after frames in the fashion industry. The brand is able to perfectly combine tradition and modernity, sophistication and trendiness, as well as fine craftsmanship and innovation to produce high-quality and durable eyeglass frames.

A wide range of Gucci eyeglass frames are available and all pairs embody what the brand stands for: durability and timeless elegance. Whether you choose a high-end fashion design to a trendier frame, Gucci eyeglasses are certainly durable. Only the highest quality materials are used to manufacture Gucci frames. The 2 most common materials used for creating Gucci frames are acetate and metal.

Metal-frame eyeglasses are made from Monel, which has a base of nickel and copper. This type of metal is resistant to corrosion and is strong. What’s more, it can be easily adjusted yet retains its shape and stability. The use of Monel makes Gucci eyewear one of the most durable designs there is. Meanwhile, the use of acetate offers limitless possibilities for patterns, texture and color of Gucci frames. Aside from being incredibly versatile, acetate is also lightweight, which helps in retaining wearer’s comfort.

Gucci creates eyewear lines for both men and women. You can find matching or unisex frames to suit your taste as well as your partner’s preferences. With a wide availability of styles, shapes, materials, and colors, you will surely find Gucci eyeglass frames that will be ideal for your face shape. Whether you are looking for prescription eyeglass frames or sunglasses, Gucci will not disappoint in terms of style and durability.

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