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The History & Facts of Ray Ban Sunglasses

History and facts of the Ray Ban sunglasses

For over seven decades, the Ray ban glasses have defined the American culture and fashion. In 1937, Bausch & Lomb designed the first batch of sunglasses for the American army. The designs featured a light mineral glass that still protected the wearer’s eyesight.

Unknown to many, the real reason why manufacturers designed the ray ban brand was protecting the eyes of the U.S airmen from strong sunlight rays. The earliest designs had a metal frame and a greenish tint. The company made lightweight glasses as early as 1952. The plastic is a unique material called the Ray-Ban Wayfarer.

After the army adopted the brand, General MacArthur popularized it when he landed on the Philippines beach during World War II. He was famously photographed wearing the Aviators. The French Army soon adopted the brand.

Media popularizes Ray Ban

From the 50s to 60s, many celebrities embraced the brand during public performances, TV shows, and private occasions. Examples include John Lennon, Bob Dylan, James Dean, Andy Warhol, and Roy Orbison, among others. Later, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Morrissey, Elvis Costello, and other celebrities adopted Ray Bans.

Actor John Belushi wore the ray ban sunglasses throughout the 1982 movie The Blues Brothers. In fact, he removes them just once in the entire movie. This act arguably catapulted the sales of the brand.

In 1982, the company signed a contract worth $50,000 that placed its brands in various TV shows and movies. In the following five years, the brand appeared in more than 50 movies and TV shows across America and Europe.

Varieties of the Ray Ban glasses

Today, there are innumerable designs and varieties of the famous brand, with varieties for men, women, and children. Frame colors range from white, black, silver, brown, purple, and cream, orange, green to gunmetal. Other colors are yellow, red, blue, clear, pink, mixed, gold, grey and turquoise.

Shoppers can choose between various lens technologies such as mirror, interchangeable, gradient, prescription, photochromic, and polarized. Similarly, there are various frame shapes such as the famous wayfarer, oval, round, wrap, aviator, cats eyes, retro, visor and butterfly, among others.

Collections of the Ray ban glasses include Fleck, Camouflage, Active, Velvet, Liteforce, Ice Pops, Denim, Distressed, Icons, Legends, and Flat Metal, among others.

Wearers can choose their favorite brands depending on their face shape such as round, diamond, oblong and square. Similarly, one can find a pair of sunglasses that fits his or her hairstyle or color, whether brunette, long, Afro, redhead, bobbed or short, among others.

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