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Why Prescription Aviator Sunglasses Are Still Preferred as Trendy Wear

Aviator sunglasses came into prominence during World War II, as they were worn by soldiers and high ranking officials, most notably by General Douglas MacArthur. After the war and the disco era, Aviator sunglasses made a comeback. It once again hit the spotlight during the mid-80’s, thanks to placement deals with action movies and TV shows. Truly, aviators have stood the test of time. This style has survived different eras and upswings and downswings of the sunglass industry. The Aviator is one of the most popular designs for prescription sunglasses today.

Prescription Aviator sunglasses are popular mainly because they are very easy to wear and can match many outfit. Aviators have become classics—just like the wayfarers and cat-eyes. But unlike the other classic sunglasses designs, Aviators are lightweight, thanks to thin metal rim frames. Wayfarers and cat-eyes are quite chunky and ca be uncomfortable to wear for long periods.

Aviator sunglasses were first developed by Bausch & Lomb for pilots, thus its name. The original design is now marketed as Ray-Ban Aviators. Other brands like Police and Versace also have their own take on the Aviator sunglass design.

Aside from being incredibly functional and being aesthetically pleasing, prescription Aviator sunglasses are still preferred as they are quite trendy. You can find dozens of celebrities and prominent figures sporting the distinguishable Aviators. Prescription Aviator sunglasses are able to perfectly combine coolness with class. What’s more, Aviators suit almost any type face shape.

If you are looking to get your very own pair of prescription Aviator sunglasses, you can do it online. Some online sellers offer in-house manufacturing to ensure the quality of their products. It’s no secret the classic Aviators can be quite pricey, depending on your prescription and the brand name. Make sure the seller offers a 100% guarantee to protect yourself.

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