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Rimless Eyeglasses for Women Combine Fashion with Function

A pair of rimless eyeglasses—also known as silhouette eyewear—is an excellent option for women. It is able to combine fashion with function, style with practicality. Here’s why you should get your own pair of rimless eyeglasses:

  • Classy – If you want eyeglasses that won’t make you feel ancient, wear rimless eyeglasses. The first silhouette eyewear was created as early as the 1800’s. Now, rimless eyeglasses are still being produced and are some of the best-selling options available. Now that’s a testament to timelessness.
  • Lightweight – Bulky frames can add to the weight of the eyeglasses. With rimless eyeglasses, the lenses are directly connected to the ear piece. It’s like you aren’t wearing a pair of glasses at all.
  • Versatile – Thanks to its minimalist look, rimless eyeglasses can be worn with just about any outfit in your closet. Unlike rimmed eyeglasses that come in a variety of colors, rimless glasses are neutral and don’t clash with anything. It’s ideal for everyday use and can even be worn along with evening dresses.
  • Easy maintenance – When lenses pop out of rimmed eye glasses, they can be hard to fix. But with rimless eyeglasses, you simply need to tighten the screws if it feels like the lenses are coming loose or are a bit bent. Even if you have it repaired at an eyewear shop, the fee should be cheaper than getting framed glasses fixed.

If you are looking to buy rimless eyeglasses for women, it’s best to do it online. You will have more choices on rimless models and you don’t have to leave the comforts of your home. To ensure high-quality rimless eyeglasses, purchase from reputable stores only. If you have an optical grade, check if the online seller creates their own lenses.

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