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Silhouette Eye Glasses Became the Latest Fashion Statement for the Hollywood’s Style Icon Brad Pitt


Wilmington, Delaware, 17th Feb 2016, The sleek and light framed eye glasses by, Silhouette has always endorsed class and elegance. The evergreen actor Brad Pitt has promoted the eyeglasses in his latest venture ‘The Big Short’ which has revamped the dazzling dreams of many fashion freaks. Kounopt.com brings to you some of the amazing range of Silhouette eye glasses.

The popular Austrian brand for eyeglasses and sunglasses, Silhouette, has always been in demand. Over, the years, this famous brand has always made every effort to introduce unique, chic and distinctive style that is sure to meet the demands of all customers. The eye glasses and sunglasses are carefully and intricately designed to give a creative and perfect designs. The wide range of style, collection and shades gives the customers an exclusive option to choose from. Intriguing design and style introduced by Silhouette has successfully gained much popularity across the globe.

While many celebrities has been seen donning Silhouette eyeglasses and sunglasses to enhance their style. Kounopt.com offers the exclusive collection of Silhouette eyeglasses to its customers. Hollywood’s style icon, Brad Pitt is the recent addition to the list of celebrities, to promote Silhouette eyeglasses. The eminent actor, has pageantry put an edge to the style statement by endorsing the eyeglasses.

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Versatile Actor, Brad Pitt is known for his classic style which has inspired many youths to be fashionable. The actor, was seen sporting Silhouette eyeglasses in various scenes in his latest movie ‘The Big Short’. Also, the actor continued to validate his finesse and fashion knowhow, as he was seen endorsing Silhouette eyeglasses during the premier of the movie.

The actor donned two different models of Silhouette Eyeglasses, one in the movie and the other during the premier. To achieve the look of retired banker in the movie, Pitt sported unkempt coifs with a tidy facial hair. The look and the style of the dashing star was enhanced by Titan Dynamics Nylor glasses from Silhouette.

© Paramount Pictures

Also, the A-list actor made a striking and divine picture as he hit the red carpet of The Big Short premier in New York, in greyish blue suit well complimented with a checkered tie. His looks were complimented with Titan Minimal Art the Must Collection” in gold color with subtle colored lenses (7610 6051) from Silhouette. The actor’s stunning look during the premier made the spotlight sway with his every move.

© Paramount Pictures

Silhouette eyeglasses has been a popular brand amongst the Hollywood’s top style icons. Not only celebrities from the field of Entertainment loves Silhouette, they are also popular amongst number of many famous business men and politicians.

Kounopt.com is one of the premium supplier of authentic Silhouette eyeglasses in the United States and holds wide variety of Silhouette eyeglasses online, including the ones that Brad Pitt chooses for his breath taking look in his new movie. If Brad Pitt’s look is yours this year’s inspiration to look classic and stylish, then visit Kounopt.com and take a look at their range.

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