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Why Silhouette Glasses Are Preferred Than Other Brands

Eyewear is a crucial part of your appearance and a daily fashion statement. It can be a defining characteristic for your personality, too. Hence, it makes sense to want to ensure that you are wearing a pair of glasses that can best define your own style and personality. Silhouette glasses are among the preferred branded eyewear that can fulfill those standards. The brand has always been associated with innovation and prestigious wearers who prefer eyeglasses that can best express their individuality and high lifestyle standards. Silhouette’s line of rimless glasses in particular is popular for its sleek and timeless look and the comfort the eyeglasses provide to the wearer. Here are reasons why you might like Silhouette glasses than other brands, too:

  • Lightweight – Silhouette glasses are known for being lightweight to the point that they are so comfortable and make you feel as if you are not wearing any eyewear at all. Its titanium frames are preferred by NASA and they even became the endorsed eyewear for astronauts for over a decade now. Silhouette uses a hypoallergenic, durable, and flexible material for non-metal parts of eyeglass frames. Despite being lightweight, the frames are durable enough to withstand bumps and knocks.
  • Virtually maintenance-free – Some of Silhouette’s popular line of rimless glasses lack hinges, so you do not have to worry about these parts bending or breaking.
  • More colors and designs to choose from – Silhouette glasses are highly customizable, so you are likely to own a pair of glasses that are unique to your own personality and style. You can choose a color or shape from at least 64 combinations in every collection.
  • The option to upgrade – If you picked a rimless model, you can choose to buy polarized clip-on sunglasses for it. This can be handy when you want superior vision protection with high-quality polycarbonate sunglass lenses, which feature anti-scratch, hydrophobic, and anti-reflective coatings that offer UV protection and can filter at least 85 percent of UVB.

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