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Silhouette Glasses No Boundaries

Silhouette Glasses – Seeing without boundaries.

Elegant and classy, Silhouette Eyeglasses combine unique design, technological innovation and high-tech materials, and they are available in several thousand varieties and 48 models including the TMA Icon, TNG, Titan Minimal Art and Titan Dynamics, Titan Contour, Light Attraction, the SPX and Hinge C just to name a few. They are designed to be light weight and are meant for those who have an eye for a refined style and a sophisticated image. Silhouette Eyeglass Frames have been promoted by models such as Carla Bruni and Markus Schenkenberg on the catwalk and they have been selected by NASA as the standard eyewear for astronauts because of their light weight and perfect fit, even in zero- gravity in space. Silhouette glasses, which recognizes the need to protect the eyes from the sun light, uses not only UV and blue light filters for its sunglasses, but also a 12-layer polarised sun protection technology, referred to as IQ POL, to protect the eyes from the long term damage.

Known today as Silhouette International Schmied, Silhouette Optical was founded in 1964, by Arnold and Anneliese Schmied in Linz, Austria. The family own company, which began with one designer and five staff, employs today more than 1,700 people, 900 of them at the headquarters in Linz, and has thirteen subsidiaries which distribute and sell the Silhouette glasses in more than ninety countries.

Landmark developments of Silhouette Designs

Silhouette’s philosophy of frames as a fashion statement was introduced during the sixties. The company presented this philosophy in 1974 with the introduction of the sensational Futura Silhouette eyewear with the extra large frames and variety of colours, which became the icon of the decade and is today a much sought after collector’s item.

A development that marked the course of the company came in 1983, when the company introduced the ‘FreeLine’ rimless collection which triggered the company’s never-ending fascination with rimless eyeglasses and changed the course of rimless eyeglasses in general. Also, in 1983 the company developed the plastic SPX (S stands for Silhouette, P for Polyamide and X for a secret ingredient that makes the material special) which led to the creation of the perfect plastic for eyeglasses and signaled the beginning of a new era of light-weight designs. During the same time the company brought in Italian designer Massimo Iosa Ghini who secured the Austrian State Award for Design for Silhouette and developed further the curves in the Silhouette designs. In 1992, Silhouette drew the attention of the eyewear world and made history when it discovered titanium for the manufacturing of eyewear and presented the Titan Minimal Art Collection, the first ultra light series. The titanium frames of the Silhouette glasses models in this rimless series weigh just 1.8 grams, and have hingeless temples and polycarbonate lenses. The Titan Minimal Art Collection includes also bold and stylish designs for men, as well as unisex models. Great Silhouette glasses for everyone.

Be sure to view the fantastic array of Silhouette sunglasses or of course the Silhouette clip on sunglasses that fit at the bridge so as to avoid scratching the lenses. Silhouette Glasses are regarded as the apex of eyewear – light titanium, non corrosive and super light. By all means view our Silhouette glasses online by clicking on the following link :

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