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Why Silhouette Prescription Glasses are Preferred over other Brands

In the 1960’s Arnold and Anneliese Schmeid wanted to create eyewear that is more of an accessory as opposed to simply a visual aid. Thus, the Silhouette brand was born. Eyeglasses from Silhouette are made in Austria and have been hugely successful in the US and even in Southeast Asia. By 1999, Silhouette revolutionized prescription eyeglasses by offering the lightest in rimless eyewear design. The Titan Minimal Art is the first model of eyewear that does not have any hinges or screws, and it only weighs 1.8 grams. Silhouette’s Titan Minimal Art can be tailored to meet individual needs of wearers. Over 9 million people bought it.

Silhouette promises the lightest and most comfortable eyewear in the industry. This is one of the main reasons why Silhouette is preferred when it comes to prescription glasses. As you know, prescription lenses can get heavy and the frames just add to the weight. They can leave marks on your face, leaving you with unsightly nose pod indentations.  The temples can really bear down on the side of your face as well as your ears. Aside from leaving heavy frames can actually cause headaches. And if your eyeglasses tend to slide down your nose, you will have to push it up all the time. If your eyeglasses are too tight and pinch your ears, you’ll be uncomfortable all day long.

Thankfully, Silhouette offers face gripping technology so you get the perfect fit all the time. Aside from being very comfortable and lightweight, Silhouette is also preferred thanks to its excellent design. Astronauts prefer Silhouette eyewear, too! This brand truly embodies innovation and style. Silhouette eyeglasses are perfectly chic and can blend along with the features of your face—it’s almost as if you aren’t wearing any glasses. You might be surprised to find out that Silhouette is preferred by prominent people such as Queen Elizabeth II.

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