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Sony to Develop Contact Lenses That Can Take Photos and Videos Which Will Assist in Fighting Crime


Following the footsteps of Google, Sony has developed a new contact lens that features recording videos & clicking images.

Would you believe it if someone says that you can now record videos and click images with the blink of an eye? Probably no and you may think it to be a story from a fictional novel. But soon this will become a reality and will add a feather in the hats of the researcher as Sony has already patented this technology.

Sony’s R&D department was possibly aware of the fact that memories have the tendency to be fallible and hence it’s possible that some crucial details slip away from our minds. This is the reason they have planned to develop the contact lenses that comes with the facility of recording videos. These are not like the traditional contact lenses as these lenses are installed with tiny cameras inside that can record and store the things that you are watching. Further, the lens is also capable of playing recorded footages.

These contact lenses can be highly beneficial for a number of reasons, but the most important is that the application and the usage of these lenses is beyond limits as various sectors can use this for different purposes. For example: the criminal justice system can use this device in an extremely effective and full-proof way with the authenticity of the information provided by these lenses. This will help identify assailants involved in crime against individuals and property.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as Sony provides further information on development and availability!

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