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The History Of Carrera Sunglasses

A Glimpse into the History of the Sleek and Exquisite Carrera Sunglasses

What comes to mind when you think of auto racing? Most likely you have thought of thrills, excitement, top-notch engineering, elegance and unrivalled beauty. You must be wondering what racing has to do with Carrera sunglasses and you will be surprised to know the answer is everything.

Origin of Carrera Sunglasses

Well, the exciting adventure of the Carrera eyeglasses you so much love today goes back to the 1950s Austria. This was when Wilhelm Anger was inspired by the passion of Carrera Panamericana Auto Race to create high-end sunglasses. The motivation was borne out of the excellence and refinement of race cars that crossed the country and Wilhelm wanted a brand that espoused such values.

60 years later, Carrera Brand exemplifies the best in sports eyewear and when wearing these glasses you are sharing in this rich heritage. The company might have changed its name over the years but the underlying motivation to excel in this niche has never been compromised.

What Makes Carrera Sunglasses Tick?

Consider this; Alicia Keys, Brad Pitt, Usher, Justin Timberlake and Liam Hemsworth all wear Carrera and you will start appreciating there is something magnificent about the brand. These are Hollywood bigwigs and the fact that they wear this brand means it offers exquisite sophistication in design.

But that’s not all; Carrera is comfortable and its high-end innovation has seen these glasses remain sports-oriented. Luckily, this is exactly what the modern fashion enthusiast wants; sturdiness, trendy and durable eyewear. It is not a wonder then Anja Peterson was donning the same in the 2007 World Skiing Championships when she won gold in every single event.

Sampling the Carrera Eyeglasses & Carrera Sunglasses Range

When looking for eyeglasses the first thing you want is variety. You want a brand that offers something to fit any event, lifestyle or use you have in mind. Well, Carrera passes the threshold in this because you have myriad options to choose from including retro styles, pilot, round, cat eye, multiple frame designs and colors among other shopping features.
What’s more Carrera eyeglasses feature prominently on fashion walks and new products are always hitting the market every now and then. You can for instance opt for the popular Panamerika, Champion Line, Tekno and Palladium among many others.

There you have it, Carrera Panamericana Auto Race was the inspiration behind this magnificent eyeglass range and the brand is still faithful to the race features by making exciting, passionate, innovative and beautiful eyewear products.

Next time you see Brad Pitt step out just look at how Carrera sunglasses redefine cool; mind you it is a look you can achieve too with a genuine pair of Carrera.

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