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Tips to Search the Trustworthy Silhouette Eyeglasses Online Store

Silhouette is a brand that is synonymous to quality and innovation. It has been around for decades and is the leading manufacturer of the lightest eyeglasses. If you are looking to purchase Silhouette Eyeglasses online, be careful. Some sellers offer counterfeit products. Here are some tips to help you find trustworthy online stores carrying Silhouette Eyeglasses:

  • Check other brands carried by the online store – Aside from Silhouette, what are the other brands offered by the seller? It’s a good sign if the seller carries other quality and name brand eyewear.
  • Look for a guarantee – If a seller does not have a guarantee for all products, go to another website. Trustworthy sellers always offer a 100% guarantee on Silhouette eyeglasses and other brands. Having a guarantee shows that sellers are confident in what they can offer you. Aside from guarantee of the actual product, sellers should also have one for the delivery. If your Silhouette eyeglasses do not arrive at the promised date, your purchase should be free. A fair refund and replacement policy should also be offered by sellers.
  • See customer service details – A website that does not have any contact whatsoever or doesn’t have any avenue for customer service might be a fraud. Trustworthy sellers of Silhouette Eyeglasses care for their customers. It’s best if they have live chat, a hotline number, or email contact. A physical mailing address can also give customers reassurance on online businesses.
  • Do a background check on the seller – Some of the details you want to know about sellers include how many years they have been in the business, where do they get their supplies, do they have in-house manufacturing, what kind of equipment and techniques do they use, and so on. The best online stores employ qualified opticians and optometrists to handle prescription Silhouette eyeglasses.

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