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Top Qualities of Cartier Eyeglass Frame

Cartier eyeglasses are impeccable works of craftsmanship that combines innovation and quality. This kind of craftsmanship is exactly what makes each Cartier piece a timeless jewel. Original, as well as the newest models all, reflect the classic elegance, high standard, excellence, and extreme passion for details of the brand. Authentic Cartier eyewear shouldn’t be hard to distinguish from the bunch of imitations that are inevitably floating in the market. Here are top qualities that you should look for to avoid spending good money on mere imitation Cartiers:

  • The Cartier logo should be either etched or stamped into the glass lenses. This is a key distinction where many counterfeit pieces fail. Examine the stamp quality and doubt authenticity when the stamp was created using cheap screen printing techniques. Cheaply printed stamps will not have any texture, where as authentically stamped Cartier glasses have ridges or some texture when you run your fingers through them.
  • Authentic Cartier eyeglasses also have their logo stamped on the nose pieces of the product. This is a significant detail that most high end designers are very particular about, and counterfeiters tend to omit, mostly because it isn’t as noticeable. When shopping for a Cartier eyeglass look for this tell tale detail and only buy a pair that has the iconic logo on the inside of the nose pieces.
  • Authentic Cartier glasses also feature the Cartier brand name on the temple insert. This is often hand engraved in gold right at the tip of the temple arm.

Cartier eyeglasses are mostly handmade, and all of the brand’s creations are designed to retain value over time. This is why many consumers consider their Cartier eyewear sound investments. Their designs range from classic to modern, making them a stylish choice, whether you like traditional or more conventional styles.

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