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Mercedes Benz Glasses

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Kounopt is one of the leading names in eyewear retail having been in the business since 1986. We also have had an online presence since 1999. We offer a range of prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses and eyewear for all customers – men, women and children.

Our retail and online stores are known for the range we offer and the quality of our frames. We provide all types of glasses from glass lenses to polycarbonates. Some of our most popular lenses include aspheric, bifocal, polarized, reflective and progressive. We also offer lenses with different types of coatings including anti-reflective for working in front of screens to those that offer UV protection.

We are also a leading provider of branded eyewear and one of the brands we stock is Mercedes Benz. The brand’s eyeglasses and frames are known for being made of light materials and come in a diverse array of styles and colors. Mercedes Benz’s glasses are famous for their screw-less double-action spring hinge that makes it easier to take off the glasses and helps increase the longevity of the frames. The hinge is especially useful for prescription spectacles that need to be taken off every now and then.

Mercedes Benz offers new innovative designs each year. The brand’s makes its eyeglasses under the Mercedes Benz Style label and these frames have won appreciation from all quarters for their styling and design. For instance, the MBS 6034 spectacles frames won the Red Dot Award in 2014 for outstanding design quality. The brand’s eyewear come in full rim, half rim and rimless variants and in different material combinations such as metal and plastic, for instance.

At Kounopt, we offer a selected range of Mercedes Benz eyeglasses. The eyewear are made for both prescription glasses as well as non-prescription specialist eyewear. All you need to do is choose the price range for the frames, the color, material, shape and gender and we will offer you all the glasses that meet your specific criteria. You can select the frames you like and we will deliver the stylish Mercedes Benz eyeglasses right to your doorstep.

Did you know that you can buy Mercedes Benz prescription glasses from Kounopt with your FSA or HSA? Review our guide to using your FSA or HSA to buy glasses to learn more

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