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Ocean Waves Sunglasses

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Kounopt, the leading retailer of eyewear and eyeglasses is proud to present to its customers the iconic Ocean Waves range of eyewear. Made for outdoors originally, the brand now makes a range of eyeglasses from sunglasses to prescription glasses for men, women and children.

Ocean Waves’ glasses are known for the polarized lenses that are meant for people involved in marine activities as well as onshore outdoor work. These sunglasses are especially suited for fishermen and sailors who spend considerable time out in the sun. These sunglasses are also sported by race car drivers who need reliable eyewear to protect them from the blinding shine on the tarmac. If you have ever wondered what sunglasses the professional beach volleyball players are wearing, then you can make a safe bet that they are a pair of Ocean Waves. In addition to these professionals, Ocean Waves eyeglasses are favored by people who need a robust and reliable product to protect their eyes.

The Ocean Waves eyewear use the polarization technique between the glasses that ensure there is no peeling over time. The eyeglasses – prescription or non-prescription – are meant to withstand regular contact with water and salt from the ocean and human sweat. Over the years, Ocean Waves eyewear such as Chicago, Atlantic Beach and Hawk have been worn by people from around the world to protect their eyes from sunlight and glare. The brand makes eyeglasses for both men and women and users can select from a range of designs and styles to get their perfect pair.

The best part about these Ocean Waves eyeglasses is their pricing. They start from a little over $60 and most models come under $100. Whether they are prescription or non-prescription, Ocean Waves’ sunglasses are able to protect your eyes with ease from the harmful sun’s rays and brightness.

With so many professionals wearing them, the brand’s iconic eyewear are a must-have for those of you looking for reliable outdoors prescription and non-prescription glasses. Check the collection below to get the pair you like. The designs cover a range of styles and materials and you are likely to find your favorite pair by simply perusing through the sunglasses we have got for you.

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