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Ray Ban Glasses

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We at Kounopt bring to our users the world’s largest selling brand of eyeglasses – the Ray Ban sunglasses. Introduced in 1937 to protect the eyes of aviators up in the skies in their planes, these glasses were created by Bausch and Lomb at the request of the US Army Air Corps. However, they soon transcended the air force and armed forces corridors to become an iconic set of eyewear for men around the world. Over the years, Ray Ban has introduced a range of sunglasses and reading glasses for the fashionable woman and kid also. These eyewear are perhaps one of the most worn brands in the world.

Ray Ban’s Aviators are perhaps the most recognizable pieces of eyewear in the world. Sported by world leaders as well as celebrities, these eyeglasses are instantly identifiable and in most cases, more famous than the wearer themselves. In addition to the Aviators, other Ray Ban frames that we stock include the iconic Wayfarer as well as newer styles such as Clubmaster, Round, Justin and Erika. Each of them has its own unique styling and you can choose the right one for your face quite easily.

The Ray Ban eyewear – glasses and sunglasses – come in both prescription and non-prescription frames making them ideal for the wearer. The frames are strong and rugged and can hold even thicker prescription lenses that other frames may not be able to carry. Ray Ban understands that style becomes more important if you wear prescription eyeglasses and the company has come up with a host of trendy and classic designs that speak of elegance, refinement and super-coolness, and all in one frame.

Ray Ban eyewear stand out in the crowd – more so because of their instant brand recognition. The company offers a range of eyeglasses for both prescription and non-prescription users. All the sunglasses are water resistant and have scratch resistant coatings. In fact, people around the world buy these glasses because of their near-indestructibility. In fact, Ray Ban has been providing impact-resistant lenses since its launch nearly a century ago.

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