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Silhouette Prescription Glasses

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Silhouette was established in the 1960’s with just one goal in mind – to create a lightweight and comfortable range of eyewear. Silhouette glasses are handcrafted in Austria using the most modern techniques and materials. The primary advantage of the Silhouette glasses is that they are almost invisible on the wearer.

Silhouette eyeglasses, as the name suggests, fit the silhouette of the face so perfectly that they cannot be seen, especially because of the absence of rims, hinges and screws. They are made of high-quality lightweight materials making them perfect for all day wear. Many celebrities and prominent figures in the industry swear by their Silhouette prescription glasses.

The brand is available at many retail outlets and we at Kounopt boast of having one of the largest collections in our store. You can choose the frame from us and get the lens fitted from your optician. You also have the option to choose the frame and let our team of optometrists and opticians fit prescription lens of best quality to correct your vision.

Many kids need vision correction these days making prescription glasses a necessity for them. Contact lenses can be dangerous for young kids. However, kids may feel ill at ease when wearing eyeglasses. Though prescription eyewear can be designed in full-frame, semi-rimless or rimless frames, some kids still like to avoid wearing eyeglasses. In such cases, Silhouette eyewear are the only feasible solution.

High-end brands come at a price and not everyone has a huge budget for eyeglasses. That is what we are here for. At Kounopt, we promise to deliver great quality premium branded eyewear to our esteemed customers at attractive prices.

Established in 1986 and online since 1999, we have a large base of satisfied customers who can vouch for our commitment to deliver the perfect pair of prescription glasses. We have a large range of Silhouette frames for prescription eyeglasses for you to choose from.

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