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Silhouette Frames & Prescription Glasses

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Silhouette Frames

Silhouette frames remove the boundaries on your vision.

Since their introduction in 1964, Silhouette Eyeglasses have been built from the ground up to free the wearer from cumbersome eyewear. Today, Silhouette prescription eyeglasses are worldwide bestsellers, holding the worldwide number-one position for the past ten years running.

When Silhouette first started, they had just one goal in mind — to create a lightweight and comfortable range of eyewear. Silhouette glasses accomplish this using a mix of modern techniques and materials. In their Austrian facility, the company uses a special patented injection process that enables them to create extremely thin titanium frames. The result is a line of some of the most lightweight, durable glasses on the market.

The primary advantage of Silhouette glasses is that they’re almost invisible on the wearer. Silhouette eyeglasses, as the name suggests, fit the silhouette of the face so perfectly that the glasses blend into the face.

This is especially true because of the absence of rims, hinges and screws. They’re made of high-quality lightweight materials that make them perfect for all-day wear — in fact, Silhouette eyewear often weighs as little as 1.8 grams. They also stay in place better than most other brands of eyewear due to their guaranteed perfect grip.

The visual clarity and easy wear of Silhouette eyewear make them the perfect fit for people of all ages and backgrounds. Many celebrities and prominent figures across the world swear by their Silhouette prescription glasses. In fact, Silhouette eyeglasses were chosen as standard eyewear for NASA astronauts in the year 2000.

However, it’s not just celebrities and astronauts who can benefit from Silhouette glasses frames. Many kids with visual correction needs find a lot of comfort in the discreet nature of Silhouette glasses, while people who are sensitive to tension headaches may find the lighter weight of Silhouette eyewear more comforting.

Silhouette eyewear is one of the top brands in the world, and too many retailers will use that as an excuse for a higher price tag. However, at Kounopt, we know not everyone has a huge budget for eyeglasses. Here at Kounopt, we promise to deliver great-quality, premium-branded eyewear to our esteemed customers at attractive prices. The Silhouette brand is one of our customer-favorite brands, so we boast one of the largest collections in North America.

You can choose the frame from us and get the lens fitted from your optician. You also have the option to choose the frame and let our team of optometrists and opticians fit prescription lenses of the highest quality to correct your vision.

Established in 1986 and online since 1999, Kounopt has a large base of satisfied customers who can vouch for our commitment to delivering the perfect pair of prescription glasses. We have a large range of Silhouette style frames for you to choose from, so you can get your next pair of Silhouette prescription glasses online from our store.

Silhouette Sunglasses

Silhouette rimless sunglasses are just as minimal as their eyeglass counterparts, making them virtually transparent. Manufactured in Austria with the rest of their eyewear, Silhouette sunglasses are just as lightweight, boundless and aesthetically pleasing as Silhouette eyeglasses, but tinted to provide protection against the sun.

For people who are searching for high-quality and long-lasting eyewear that simultaneously protects against the sun, Silhouette sunglasses provide wonderful choices. Aside from incorporating UV filters on lenses, Silhouette sunglasses also filter blue light. To protect the eyes from long-term damage, sunglasses from Silhouette also have IQ-POL technology, which uses multiple layers to eliminate glare and improve color appearance, effectively reducing strain on the eyes.

Aside from the functional lens design of their sunglasses, Silhouette is also able to offer a wide range of functionally superior frame designs. The technology and technique used for creating sunglasses of Silhouette are the same as that for prescription eyeglasses, meaning they’re lightweight and very durable. This means no matter the season, your sunglasses can handle different types of weather.

Even better, your Silhouette sunglasses usually take on a neutral appearance, making them an excellent accessory from beach vacations to ski trips.

No matter your preference, Silhouette offers a variety of designs to fit your tastes. You can even get a pair that clips to your existing Silhouette prescription eyeglasses so you don’t have to carry around an extra set of eyewear.

Silhouette Contour

If you’re looking for minimalistic designs that are sleek yet strong, the Titan Contour collection is for you. These titanium frames are durable and lightweight and come in a variety of different shapes and colors to suit any aesthetic. These Austrian-made frames are long-lasting and strong, regardless of the type you choose to go with. For a sleeker look with smooth curves, the Titan Contour may be a good choice, while the Edge makes more of a statement.

Silhouette Hinge C1/C2

The Silhouette Hinge C-1 and C-2 lines have the same minimalistic look and classic designs of the Silhouette brand, with details that set them apart from the rest. Both lines feature small metallic details at the hinge that add a little bit of style to your frames.

With the C-1 line, the metallic detail is subtler, while in the C-2 line the metallic hinge is emphasized by a taper in the design. Both offer a bit of flash to your look.

Silhouette TMA Icon

TMA stands for “Titan Minimal Art” — a perfect description for the Icon frames. Lightweight and durable and made of high-quality titanium, TMA Icon glasses have a minimalistic look to them, featuring clean lines and classic curves that add to your features instead of distracting from them. Available polarized and non-polarized.

These glasses are even more iconic thanks to their history. In 2000, the U.S. space agency NASA chose TMA glasses as their standard eyewear for astronauts because of their durability, light weight, strong grip and clean look. That means Silhouette was the glasses brand sent to space first in the new millennium!

Did you know that you can buy Silhouette prescription glasses from Kounopt with your FSA or HSA? Review our guide to using your FSA or HSA to buy glasses to learn more

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