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Silhouette Men’s Glasses

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Silhouette Men’s Eyewear

The minimalistic design and lightweight of Silhouette frames make them a great choice for just about anyone in any situation. For men shopping for eyeglasses, they may find the durability and functionality of Silhouette’s titanium frames perfect for both work and play.

All Silhouette’s frames are strong and durable, made from titanium formed using a special patented injection process. These thin titanium frames are stable and lightweight — and the wearers maintain them for years on end. When you combine these features with their guaranteed perfect grip, these eyeglasses provide all-day coverage that will outlast just about any activity, whether it’s work or play.

These are particularly great features for men working in physically demanding jobs, as they don’t have the time or energy to spare to adjust their glasses very often.

Silhouette provides a wide variety of options for men shopping for eyeglasses. These include a variety of shapes and colors for men to choose from. Don’t rush into any decisions — take your time and consider your daily needs.

Silhouette Lens Shapes For Men

Silhouette glasses come in a variety of shapes to suit any man’s face shape. If you’re not sure what would look good on your face, consider the following rules of thumb:

  • Rectangular or square glasses are ideal for men with a heart-shaped or round face.
  • Oval or rounded glasses will complement a square face.
  • Anything will suit an oval face, so choose whichever option you like best.

Silhouette Frame Types For Men

Frames come in rimmed, semi-rimless and rimless frames for you to choose from. For men looking for an elegant and lightweight option, rimless frame types are a perfect choice. If you’re looking for more of a fashion statement, full-rim glasses are a good option. Semi-rimless glasses provide a good balance of both worlds.

Consider the aesthetic you want to achieve before picking a frame type for your glasses.

Silhouette Frame Materials For Men

Silhouette uses a patented injection process to make frames with a high-quality titanium base. This durable material is lightweight yet strong, making it ideal for any situation — even active jobs that may put more stress on your frames.

When you choose a pair of Silhouette frames, you pick a quality product that will last for years. Lightweight, strong and hypoallergenic, Silhouette frames are a perfect choice for any man, no matter their lifestyle. Throw anything at them, and they’ll survive it!

Find your next pair in Kounopt’s extensive Silhouette collection.

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