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Silhouette SPX Art Plus 5363 Rimless Eyeglasses

Silhouette SPX Art Plus 5363 Rimless Eyeglasses

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  Sphere (SPH) Cylinder (CYL) Axis




  • Description

    Product Description

    Silhouette SPX Art Plus 5363 Rimless Eyeglasses

    Don’t let your eyewear wear you! The SPX Art Plus from Silhouette is a minimalistic design that emphasizes your features without overwhelming them. The unisex eyeglasses have smooth lines and curves that perfectly frame your face. With a variety of options available, all SPX Art Plus eyeglasses reflect the wearer.

    You can choose between multiple lens shapes and 14 different colors. This allows these highly customizable frames to fit your own unique sense of style.

    High-Quality Production Techniques

    The SPX Art Plus blends Silhouette’s rimless design with their signature super-polyamide (SP). The X stands for Silhouette’s secret ingredient, which makes their plastic-alternative a cut above the rest. All SPX frames are comfortable and lightweight, yet durable. The patented titanium injection manufacturing process ensures a comfortable grip that won’t slip no matter what your day entails.

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    First introduced in 1964, Silhouette Eyeglasses are a lightweight eyewear solution produced by the Austrian Silhouette company. Today, they’re considered one of the bestselling glasses across the world, holding the top position in the sales charts for over ten years in a row.

    Silhouette produces their glasses using a specially patented injection process. The result is a set of extremely thin titanium frames unparalleled in terms of weight and durability. In fact, the average pair of Silhouette glasses weighs around 1.8 grams. Combined with their impressive grips, these frames are sure to stay on your face all day long.

    Silhouette eyewear is so lightweight, in fact, that NASA — the U.S. space agency — chose one of Silhouette’s most popular brands, Titan Minimal Art, as their standard eyewear for NASA astronauts in 2000. This made TMA glasses the first frames to be sent into space in the new millennium.

    About SPX Art Plus 5363 Frames

    The Silhouette SPX Art+ eyeglasses are an excellent pair of rimless eyeglasses for men and women alike. Minimalistic to the point of elegance, this pair of glasses offers smooth lines and curves that emphasize your features without overwhelming them.

    Even better, these frames are highly customizable, available in a wide variety of colors. They even come in multiple frame and lens shape styles, so you can find the perfect combination of shape and color to complement your facial features and fit your unique sense of style. The frames are available in such colors as white, blue, brown and black and even offer multi-colored options like blue and black or gold and white.

    Choose Kounopt

    Silhouette’s SPX Art+ eyeglasses are made using the same high-quality production techniques as Silhouette’s other frames, using a proprietary titanium injection process to produce glasses that are as lightweight and strong as possible. This means not only are your glasses comfortable to wear, but they also can withstand daily wear and tear even during the most physically demanding activities. What’s more, these silhouette frames are hingeless while also offering superior grip, so you don’t have to worry about your eyeglasses slipping or catching your hair throughout your day.

    When you need a pair of frames that are as lightweight as they are durable, Silhouette brand eyewear is the best option on the market. The Silhouette SPX Art+ eyeglasses are just one of many pairs of frames available from Kounopt’s extensive Silhouette collection. At Kounopt, we also offer many other brands, including designer eyewear, so you can find the eyewear you want.

    In the industry for more than three decades, Kounopt is a one-stop eyewear online retailer to help as many people as possible find the eyewear that suits them best. We remain dedicated to our clients’ satisfaction by offering a wide selection of eyewear at exceptional prices from a variety of world-renowned brands, including Silhouette. Because of this selection and dedication to our customers, we’ve helped thousands of people find a perfect set of frames for their lifestyles.

    Let us do the same for you! Just visit our online store or one of our physical locations to pick a set of frames. We carry designs in all shapes and colors for men, women and children — so we’re sure that we have something for you and your preferences.

    Our team of optometrists and opticians is dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction, so much so that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also offer free shipping and price matching so you can get your glasses at an unbeatable price.

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    Silhouette SPX Art PlusFrame Colors:

    • 6200 – White Silk
    • 6201 – Ocean White Energy
    • 6202 – Gold White Silk
    • 6203 – Kiwi Grey Energy
    • 6204 – Purple Rose Silk
    • 6205 – Ice Blue Silk
    • 6206 – Silver Gold Silk
    • 6207 – Brown Silk
    • 6208 – Black Energy
    • 6209 – Red Black Energy
    • 6210 – Blue Black Energy
    • 6211 – Fuchsia Black Energy
    • 6212 – Orange Black Energy
    • 6213 – Silver Grey Silk


    Silhouette SPX Art Plus Lens Shapes:

    • 4390
    • 4391
    • 4392
    • 4393
    • 4394
    • 4395
    • 4396
    • 5346
    • 5347
    • 5348
    • 5349
    • 5350
    • 5351
    • 5352


    Silhouette Eyeglasses SPX Art Plus

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    The Silhouette SPX Art + is a Unisex Rimless Frame.

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