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Silhouette Crystal Diva 4374 | 4375 | 4376 | BZ Eyeglasses

Silhouette Crystal Diva 4374 | 4375 | 4376 | BZ Eyeglasses

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Silhouette Crystal Diva Collection Eyeglasses


    Silhouette Eyeglasses are renowned worldwide for their unique qualities and rimless nature. First introduced in 1964, this Austrian brand of glasses has quickly overtaken other brands as the number one rimless eyewear collection, holding top sales numbers for ten years running.

    Why is Silhouette so popular? It comes down to the brand’s patented injection process. This process allows Silhouette to produce extremely thin titanium frames that are as lightweight as they are durable. Averaging around 1.8 grams in weight, these frames also boast extreme comfort and perfect grip. These features combine to make Silhouette frames a highly desirable model for those favoring minimalist designs.

    About Crystal Diva Frames

    The Crystal Diva is a great pair of glasses for any woman looking for a little bling in their eyewear. These frames come in gold and rhodium and feature curved details along each arm that add a level of aesthetic interest to the design. Stylish enough for a night out, yet professional enough for the office, these glasses are perfect in any situation.

    Don’t let these dainty details in the design fool you — Silhouette’s Crystal Diva frames are just as strong and durable as their other frames. Using a patented injection process, Silhouette can produce very thin titanium frames that are lightweight and durable in any number of shapes and configurations. When you combine their lightweight with their perfect grip, these eyeglasses provide excellent visual coverage, so you don’t need to worry about fixing your glasses every few minutes.

    Choose Kounopt

    Silhouette’s Crystal Diva collection of eyeglasses is one of many Silhouette collections offered by Kounopt. We offer these frames to ensure our customers have access to the frames they want — it’s the same reason we offer numerous other brands and reasonable prices. We’ve helped thousands find quality frames they love and we can do the same for you.

    At Kounopt, we know the eyewear industry inside-out. Our thirty years of experience has helped us understand what our customers want and helped us position ourselves as a one-stop shop for our customers’ eyewear needs. From our massive selection to our range of after-sales services, Kounopt has you covered.

    Take advantage today. Contact us to speak with one of our incredible optometrists or opticians or learn more about our offers. Enjoy free shipping, price matching and repair and replacement services when you trust your eyewear to Kounopt. Browse our site today to find more eyeglasses like the Silhouette Crystal Diva Collection.

    In the eyeglass industry, the Silhouette name is synonymous with quality. These lightweight frames are hypoallergenic and strong enough to suit any industry or activity. No matter your lifestyle, Silhouette glasses can handle it. Look for your next pair of rimless Silhouette glasses today by browsing through Kounopt’s extensive selection of eyewear.

    Silhouette Crystal Diva Frame Colors:

    • 3620 – Rosegold / Light Peach
    • 6050 – Rhodium / Crystal
    • 6051 – Gold / Crystal
    • 6052 – Gold / Vintage Rose


    Silhouette Crystal Diva Lens Shapes:

    • 4374
    • 4375
    • 4376
    • BZ


    Silhouette Crystal Diva Women’s Rimless Frame

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