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Silhouette Hinge C-1 7725 10 6050 Eyeglasses

Silhouette Hinge C-1 7725 10 6050 Eyeglasses

$269.00 ORDER
SKU: Silhouette 7725 10 6050 53-19-145

Silhouette Eyeglasses Hinge C-1 Rimless Frame. Chasis: 7725 Shape: 7672 Color: 6050 (Silver) Size: 53-19-145


  Sphere (SPH) Cylinder (CYL) Axis




  • Description

    Product Description

    Silhouette Hinge C-1 7725 10 6050

    The Silhouette glasses, Hinge C-1 7725 10 6050, are just the thing for people who desire a minimal design while maintaining a classic and understated style. The Silhouette glasses we offer online, which are produced in Austria, are designed for people who are looking for high quality, lightweight, strong and long-lasting rimless eyewear.

    The Design of the Silhouette Hinge C-1 7725 10 6050

    For more than 50 years, Silhouette has defined rimless eyeglasses. For more than a decade, they’ve held the number-one position for the world’s bestselling rimless eyeglasses — an accomplishment that’s the result of their dedication to minimalist designs, innovative craftsmanship, and exceptional quality.

    Silhouette is considered the most durable and lightweight eyewear thanks to their patented titanium injection process, which enables Silhouette to create extremely thin yet strong titan frames. These titanium frames offer a lightweight, comfortable experience while also being extremely strong and non-allergic.

    With their level of comfort as well as reliable grip, you don’t have to worry about the Silhouette Hinge C-1 7725 10 6050 slipping down your nose. You also eliminate the hassle of adjusting your glasses over the course of your day.

    Through their love for detail and unrivaled enthusiasm, Silhouette is planning to produce eyewear and sunglasses in the future that are even better than before. Their craftsmanship and focus on minimalism are what resulted in Silhouette rimless eyeglasses that are virtually transparent, which hints at the goal of future designs.

    Find Your Perfect Frames at Kounopt

    At Kounopt, we are a one-stop eyewear retailer that thousands of customers trust for their eyewear needs. Whether you’re interested in the comfort of Silhouette minimalistic rimless eyewear or you want a frame with a less-minimalistic style, you can find it here.

    You’ll also find exceptional service from our optometrists and opticians as well as price matching options, free shipping and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Join our satisfied customers today by exploring our vast selection of eyewear, including the Silhouette Hinge C-1 7725 10 6050.

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