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Silhouette Hinge C-1 7725 40 6052 Eyeglasses

Silhouette Hinge C-1 7725 40 6052 Eyeglasses

$269.00 ORDER
SKU: Silhouette 7725 40 6052 52-19-145

Silhouette Eyeglasses Hinge C-1 Rimless Frame. Chasis: 7725 Shape: 7721 Color: 6052 (Green) Size: 52-19-145


  Sphere (SPH) Cylinder (CYL) Axis




  • Description

    Product Description

    Silhouette Hinge C-1 7725 40 6052

    As a part of our extensive line of Silhouette glasses, the Silhouette Hinge C-1 7725 40 6052 is the perfect example of the company’s minimal yet classic designs that match any modern or traditional style. Like the other Silhouette glasses we offer online — all of which are made in Austria — the Silhouette Hinge C-1 7725 40 6052 is a high-quality, lightweight and strong frame. It’s an excellent choice if you want long-lasting rimless eyewear.

    The Craftsmanship Behind Silhouette Eyewear

    The start of today’s bestselling rimless eyeglasses began more than 50 years ago. In addition to being an industry leader, Silhouette is also recognized as creating the most durable and lightweight eyeglasses thanks to their custom injection procedure.

    This patented process gave Silhouette the tools to develop titanium frames that are thin and lightweight, but also strong and non-allergic. The result is a titan frame that’s comfortable to wear all day, plus provides a reliable grip that prevents your glasses from moving.

    Through their exceptional eye for detail and unparalleled enthusiasm, Silhouette is planning to produce eyewear and sunglasses in the future that build on their already innovative techniques and designs. Their passion for minimalist designs and craftsmanship led to the Silhouette rimless glasses of today, which are almost transparent, suggesting Silhouette will take that transparency a step further.

    Explore Silhouette Rimless Eyewear

    The Hinge C-1 7725 40 6052 frames are perfect when you’re searching for eyewear with a minimal design that complements your classic style. Thousands of our satisfied customers at Kounopt choose Silhouette minimalistic rimless eyewear for its comfort and design, as well as reliable quality.

    Their choice of Kounopt comes from our commitment to quality and your satisfaction. Our knowledgeable team of opticians and optometrists ensures you’re 100 percent satisfied with your purchase and provides price-match options to give you the best price and shopping experience.

    Explore our Silhouette rimless eyewear today, as well as frames from other leading brands, to find your perfect fit.

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