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Silhouette Lite Twist 5369 Eyeglasses

Silhouette Lite Twist 5369 Eyeglasses

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Silhouette Lite Twist Eyeglasses

    The Silhouette Lite Twist Eyeglass is a frame made to make an impact. These rimless frames come in a variety of lens shapes and colors, including pairs in burgundy and blue or orange and black. The range of colors is perfect for these slightly edgy frames with prominent angles featured along the arms. If you’re looking for a bit of personality, this eyewear is perfect for you.

    The Signature Craftsmanship of Silhouette Frames

    Just because you can personalize these frames doesn’t diminish their quality. Like the rest of the collection, Silhouette’s Lite Twist frames are as durable as they are lightweight. Silhouette’s Lite Twist frames boast superior strength and tarnish resistance compared to other eyeglass brands because they’re produced using a patented injection process.

    Titanium’s role as a material for eyewear is also supported by its ability to maintain and resume its shape. Late nights reading or watching television can lead to bent frames that require an optician to straighten and fix. With titanium, your frames will go back to their original shape, saving you time and money.

    Another advantage of the Silhouette Lite Twist eyeglasses is their guaranteed secure grips, which means no more pushing up your glasses every few minutes throughout your day. Their silicone nose pads and arms are also comfortable, which saves you the discomfort other frames can cause.

    Since their formation in the ‘60s, the Silhouette eyeglass company has championed innovative, timeless designs and quality, manual manufacturing practices. That’s why it creates its frames in Austria. It’s also why it’s always pushing boundaries to find the best production methods available. Its efforts are just one of the reasons it has maintained its position as the bestselling eyeglass brand for more than a decade.

    Explore the Silhouette Eyewear Collection

    For customers, Silhouette frames embody quality. They’re also made to be lightweight and hypoallergenic while simultaneously maintaining superior strength to handle just about any environmental situation. No matter what you may do throughout your day, whether you’re gardening or working at the office, these glasses will stay in place and retain their shape.

    Find your next pair of Silhouette frames with Kounopt, the premier online eyeglass retailer that guarantees your satisfaction. For more than a decade and a half, our optometrists and opticians have provided exceptional care and helped numerous customers find their perfect frame. We also sport one of the largest selections of Silhouette brand eyewear.



    Silhouette Lite Twist Frame Colors:

    • 6050 – Silver/Black
    • 6051 – Gold/Red
    • 6052 – Brown
    • 6054 – Green/Black
    • 6055 – Orange/Black
    • 6056 – Teal/Black
    • 6057 – Blue-Green/Orange
    • 6058 – Black/Blue
    • 6059 – Black
    • 6060 – Grey/Silver
    • 6061 – Grey/Lemon
    • 6062 – Burgundy/Blue


    Silhouette Lite Twist Lens Shapes:

    • 4411
    • 4412
    • 4413
    • 4414
    • 4418
    • 4419
    • 5327
    • 5328
    • 5329
    • 5330
    • 5393
    • 5394


    Silhouette Lite Twist Unisex Rimless Frames

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    Additional Information

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