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Silhouette Style Shades A1 (Grey) & B1 (Brown)

Silhouette Style Shades A1 (Grey) & B1 (Brown)

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SKU: Silhouette Style Shades A1 B1

If you cannot find your model here: Silhouette Style Shades A2 (Grey) & B2 (Brown)



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  • Description

    Product Description

    Silhouette Clip-On Sunglasses

    Silhouette Style Shades A1—Grey & B1—Brown

    With Silhouette’s Style Shades, you have the option between two different colors: grey or brown. Using high-tech materials, Silhouette hand-makes the sunglass clip-ons in Austria with the highest-quality workmanship. The Style Shades are hypoallergenic and provide a minimalist design.

    Style Shades A1 and B1 Provide Sun Protection

    Style Shades A1 and B1 offer 100 percent protection against UV-A, B and C rays like regular sunglasses, but they attach to your prescription Silhouette eyewear. With an 87 percent blue light filter, you can “see without boundaries” while protecting your eyes. The virtually transparent and rimless sunglass attachments have titanium frames that are durable enough for long-term use.

    Order Online at Kounopt

    Instead of carrying around a second pair of sunglasses, purchase the Style Shades A1 and B1 online from Kounopt. We will ship your order within 24 hours and we offer free shipping worldwide. For further details on our protective sunglasses, contact our professional staff today.

    earers of all types.

    Clip-On Sunglasses

    To meet the varying needs of their wide consumer base, Silhouette offers a huge range of functional frame designs, including clip-ons. These clip-ons for Silhouette frames offer the same sun protection as a regular pair of Silhouette sunglasses without the extra hassle of carrying a second set of eyewear. Providing the same lightweight and durable design, Silhouette clip-on sunglasses attach directly to your existing set of Silhouette prescription sunglasses. This means more functionality for you without needing to switch out your eyewear.

    If you’re looking for sunglasses with a minimal design that simultaneously offers class and functionality, Silhouette sunglasses are perfect for you. Thousands of satisfied customers enjoy the comfort of Silhouette minimalistic rimless eyewear. You too can be one of them and experience yourself “seeing without boundaries.”

    At Kounopt, we offer Silhouette glasses online that are designed for people who are searching for top-quality, lightweight, strong and long-lasting eyewear.

    Silhouette Clip Ons Lens Shapes:

    • A1 0101
    • A1 0201
    • A1 0301
    • A1 0401
    • A1 0501
    • B1 0101
    • B1 0201
    • B1 0301
    • B1 0401
    • B1 0501


    Silhouette Clip Ons Frame Colors:

    • A-Grey
    • B-Brown
  • Additional Information

    Additional Information

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    Colorama- 7622, Colour Waves- 7729, Contrasti- 7656, Hinge C-1, Light Attraction, Metal Look- 7671, Mystero- 6709, Painted Line- 4206, Sensazione- 6714, Sparkling Icon, Spx art- 7690, SPX ART Kids- 7770, SPX Connection- 5231, Titan Colours- 7500, Titan Design- 7661, Titan Dynamics- 7719, Titan Elements- 7759, Titan Supreme- 5236, Titan Translucido I- 7441, TMA III- 7511, TMA Must- 7799, TMA Space- 7565, TMA Special Edition- 7695, TNG III- 7534, Zenlight- 7642

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