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Kids Eyeglasses

Read About Kids Eyeglasses

With improving diagnostics, a rising number of kids are now required to wear prescription glasses for nearsightedness or farsightedness. Some of them need to wear their glasses for reading or watching television while others need to wear their prescription glasses continuously. Whether buying eyeglasses for full-time wearing or for partial use, Kounopt’s online store can help you pick the right pair for your child. With over thirty years of history, we understand the needs and demands of every kid and we know eyewear.

Choosing the correct prescription eyeglasses for your child might be challenging when you need both durability and comfort in addition to perfect vision. It is important to select glasses that suit their age and temperament. The most commonly used materials for kids eyeglasses are metal and plastic. There is a wide array of eyeglasses available for both girls and boys of various ages. The choice is important for children as much as it is for adults, and probably more so for teenagers. Our large variety and search tools help them find their favorite pair easily. You will also appreciate the online availability of numerous renowned brands and their premium quality prescription glasses for kids.

For most kids, the nose is not fully developed. This makes regular frames slide down the nasal bridge easily. We ensure that the prescription eyeglasses for children are well fitted and adhere to the measurements. The weight of the lenses is kept light and comfortable nose pads hold the frame in place. Moreover, to make it even more durable, the prescription glasses come with bendable temples and spring hinges. This makes the plastic glasses flexible and unbreakable. There are various add-on features like chemical resistance and sweat resistant metal frames that protect your child from unwanted potential skin problems.

The lenses used in kids’ eyewear are an important part of the design. Playing outdoors exposes their eyes to radiations that might damage their eyesight further. There are situations when they need special purpose lenses to ensure perfect vision. Thus, it becomes important to have a wide range of lens options available online. Examples of special lenses include high-index plastic, polycarbonate, bifocal, trifocal, and transitional ones. Kounopt offers great value for money glasses for kids. We also guarantee superior quality and precision.

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